Sunday, 1 August 2010

UK Reviews

"A really interesting way of re-inventing the crime drama - darkly comic - moments in it when I felt profoundly uneasy... " Mark Kermode - BBC Film 24

"Ben Wheatley single handedly salvages the British gangster flick" Time Out

"Highly entertaining. Very dry, very droll: Brighton Rock reworked in the style of The Royle Family." Philip French - The Observer

"Shallow Grave as if it's written by Ricky Gervais - A real and unexpected treat" Cosmo Landesman - Sunday Times

"Hilarious & shocking" Tim Robey - The Daily Telegraph

"Inventive, disarming...remarkably refreshing - The kind of British film making that must be supported" Den Of Geek

"Down Terrace is without doubt the highlight of this summer’s box office. Simply Superb" Islington Tribune

**** Film 4
**** The Sunday Times
**** The Independent
**** The Sun
**** Financial Times
**** Time Out
**** The Daily Telegraph
**** Little White Lies
**** Metro
**** Den of Geek
**** The Scotsmen

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